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Mad Goblins (MADG) is a collection of 4,500 unique NFTs.

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Why Mad Goblins?

Ethereum Smart Contract

Built on the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, the Mad Goblis can be owned by anyone with an Ethereum Wallet address.

4,500 Mad Goblins

All Goblins are unique, but some are rarer than others. 300 Mad Goblins are reserved for core team, giveaways and future promos.

InterPlanetary File System

The IPFS is a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. Mad Goblins are decentralised. All images are securely and permanently stored in IPFS.

Clear Roadmap

Our plan is realistic and long-term with a clear commitment.

Holder Privileges

Your Goblin NFT will grant you access to Members Only Benefits and Features. Holders get the right to vote on key decisions.

Merch & More

Our characters are nice, funny and brandable. That's why we will be launching merch, comics and toys!


We want to develop our Play-2-Earn game in which the owners of goblins can earn money and bonuses.

Community Wallet

The community wallet will be funded with 20% of all revenue. Each holder can create investment proposals and vote on how to use the funds.
Mad goblins NFTs



7 categories of attributes and 124 unique traits.
Each Goblin (4,500 total) is uniquely generated from a set of 124 unique, hand-drawn attributes. Of the 124 traits, only about 26 are color variations, and the rest are entirely unique.


What is the Mad Goblins club?

Mad Goblins is a NFT collection consisting of 4,500 generative art pieces. Owning a Mad Goblin NFT is your ticket to adventure and gives you access to Members Only Benefits and Features. Mad Goblins are more than just an NFT. They're the start of a revolutionary new brand and character universe.

How can I get a Mad Goblin?

You will be able to mint a Mad Goblin through our public minting sale on our website. To do this you will need a MetaMask wallet. Load your wallet with ETH, connect wallet to the website and click the mint button. Approve the transaction in the popup, when the transaction is confirmed, the NFT will be in your wallet. Alternatively you can mint a Mad Goblin directly from our Smart Contract on Etherscan. (You can choose whether to use MetaMask or WalletConnect).
Check out our guide for more information:

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. They can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more. Some say it's the future of art!

How much will it cost to mint?

Each Mad Goblin will be minted at 0.02 ETH + Gas and will be limited to 10 per transaction.

Are any tokens withheld from Sale?

Yes, 300 will be held for the team, marketing and giveaways.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto wallet and is needed to purchase and mint a Mad Goblin. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here!

How to mint with Metamask on a mobile phone?

You need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs. Therefore, please launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application and select "Browser". It will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Mad Goblin?

Your Mad Goblin NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the Mad Goblin. You can see your freshly minted NFT directly on your Opensea account.

What can I do with my Mad Goblin NFT?

You can do whatever you want! Hold it, sell it... the choice is yours! We'd love for you to be a long-term valued member of our community, so if you hold the NFT we'd love for you to be with us along this amazing journey we're all taking together!

Are Mad Goblins a good investment?

Well, yeah! At least we believe that Mad Goblins will continue to grow because the project has just begun and has many interesting goals ahead of it. Join us and together we will take the project to the moon!

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The Team

Mad Goblins is run by a passionate team of NFT Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, Designers and Blockchain specialists. Our team is transparent and will always prioritize the community first.

Founder, Artist, Creative
Developer & CTO

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